Partnership with Iblesoft

At Iblesoft, we owe much of our success to our partners. We always have something special for our partners as we strongly believe they are the key to success in business. 

We offer effective partner programs for our partners.

By partnering with us, our partners can effectively unlock their true potential and boost up their efficiency level in their business with certainty in project completion, quality in deliverance, transparency and credibility in dealings and renewed customer experience. With us, our partners can easily turn on more revenue in their business.

You, as one of our esteem partners, can bring about a great change in your business processes by partnering with us. You can manage, execute, integrate, plan and implement software solutions for your customers with all easiness.  We offer mutually beneficial and rewarding opportunities for our partners and always look forward to long-term partnership programs with partners who share a common vision.

Based on the nature of the relationship that we look forward to, there are three types of partnership programs:

❏   Strategic Partners
❏   Alliance Partners
❏   Sales Associates

The benefits of partnering with Iblesoft

❏   Enhanced level of customer experience
❏   Credibility from our unparalleled track record
❏   Quality team
❏   Extension of IT resource in India
❏   24/7 technical support
❏   Extensive and extended domain expertise
❏   Our intense focus on quality
❏   Competencies in latest technologies
❏   Experience of executing large-scale projects

Partners will receive the following support

❏   Iblesoft Company Management System (CMS) to access to Partner Module to view Commission Report and Project Status reports
❏   Email and Phone Support
❏   Marketing & PR Materials

Strategic Partner

We, Iblesoft, always seek to forge alliances with leading product companies in the following areas: Value-added resale of their products, implementation and support. Through our strategic partner program, we engage  with the  leading ISVs in designing and developing products, providing customization solutions, building  product capability, product marketing, and post-implementation support services, etc. Our consultants undergo requisite certification processes too in order to provide top-quality services to customers.

❏   High-commission based job
❏   Documentation and technical support will be provided
❏   Flexible work schedule
❏   High potential for growth

 Alliances Program

Our Alliance Program is for everyone who is on the lookout for improved efficiency in business processes. We, with our partners, aim at delivering customer-focused enterprise solutions, well amalgamated with the latest technology. High tech-based solutions are offered in areas of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, custom application development, business intelligence, business process outsourcing, business intelligence, contact-center management, etc. We, at Iblesoft, always aim at helping our clients in the conceptualization, building, deployment and management of higher ROI solutions which can help them in maintaining their level of success in this competitive world of business.

Our alliance with world-class tech-driven companies help us in providing leading-edge solutions and real time access to expertise and resources which our clients may look for to better address the changes in the business field.

Our Alliances Charter

Partner Recruitment: Identify and recruit qualified partners to design and build value-added, requirements-based solutions, encompassing a higher level of technology and business intelligence.

Partner Management: Build innovative solutions, business models and campaigns to take to market in conjunction with our partners. We, Iblesoft, always strives to strengthen the partnership we have with our partners.

Benefits of working with Iblesoft

❏   High-commission based job
❏   Marketing and sales support from Iblesoft
❏   Documentation and technical support will be provided
❏   Flexible work schedule
❏   High potential for growth
❏   Learning opportunity

Sales Associates

We offer quality benefits for our sales associates. The primary role of our Sales Associates (SAs) will be for sale our custom software development and offshore development services to corporate, government, startups, small businesses, and academic institutions. Our SAs can be from anywhere, here from US or from any part of the world. What all we expect from our SA is sound knowledge of the business field we are in. An SA is also expected to have good contacts with the enterprises.

Benefits of working with Iblesoft

❏   High-commission based job
❏   SAs will receive marketing and sales support from Iblesoft
❏   Documentation and technical support will be provided
❏   Flexible work schedule
❏   High potential for growth
❏   Learning opportunity
❏   Confidentiality of your business when you outsource to us
❏   Our programmers work with the identity of the partner as a virtual offshore development team
❏   On time completion of projects
❏   Promise to quality
❏   Clear contract and terms
❏   Helping our customers in times of crisis
❏   Justify our price
❏   We just keep our relationship limited to our partner and never approach their customers.


We always offer flexible resource pooling arrangement whenever our clients require a variety of skills to manage unpredictable workload. Our flexible resource pooling model is innovatively designed and structured so as to help clients in prospering  in their business. It allows our clients to ramp and down the size of the team as per their requirements and Help them gain profit endlessly (Our clients can tailor their team as per their customized requirements which can effectively help them in reengineering their business processes).

With help from Iblesoft, clients can carry on with their business processes in a smarter way..